The riding instructors…

..are highly trained and committed to safety and skill development.

Mercedes Berg | Lake Oswego, OR

Fees & Tuition


Private Evaluation and Orientation Lesson: Required for new students. 45 minutes; Pay at time of lesson $95
GROUP LESSONS– 30 min to 1 hr depending on the number of students in lesson
4 group lessons/month: pre-paid $265
Added group lessons, same month $65/ea
Single lesson “a la carte” $70/ea
8 group lessons/month: pre-paid $500
*lessons will be pro-rated if you start lessons mid-month – not if lessons are missed. We do not pro-rate cancelled lessons after the fact. Make ups can be done.   
30-45 min, 1 rider $95/ea
4 private lessons: prepaid
HORSE SPONSOR– of preferred horse
2x per week per month: prepaid $650
3x per week per  month: prepaid $850
We cover costs (medical, tack, farrier, etc.)
GROOMING SERVICE    per time  $15
If you are late and assistant has to tack up for you.  
CANCELLATION FEE per time  $15
If you are a no show or if there is no notice of absence within 24 hours, no exceptions.
Board with Stellar Sporthorses  $1000 minimum
Training with Stellar Sporthorses See Akiko Hamada
IEA Team Fee $100
1-2 rides per week minimum for team participation  
Training per day (IEA AND OTHER) $100
Use of Horse per event $100
Hauling round trip $100 min and then $1 per mile
Show entry fees determined by show  
All monthly lessons must be pre-paid.  
PAYMENT IS DUE BY THE 1ST. There is a $15 late fee if not received by the 10th of the month. Students will not be permitted to ride if payment is late and/or until payment is made.  
All single lessons must be paid at the time of the lesson.  
Single lessons are only offered to NEW students if starting lessons with the Riding Academy mid-month and will be prorated accordingly from the group lesson rate.  
Students should make every effort to ride at their regular lessons each week. Make ups will be offered and must be completed by the end of the following month. Make ups are offered IF and ONLY IF there is room in an appropriate level lesson, please note that make ups are NOT GUARANTEED. There are no refunds for missed lessons or make ups and there are no makeup lessons given to missed or rescheduling make ups. Every month some students will receive 5 lessons due to the calendar. The 5th lesson serves as your make-up or as a bonus lesson.  
IMPORTANT: Please leave dogs at home, in car or drive down to dog park on premises. They are prohibited at all times on French Hill property, due to liability. THIS INCLUDES THE PARKING LOT AND DRIVEWAY DUE TO HORSE TRAFFIC IN AND AROUND DRIVEWAY AND OUTDOOR ARENA. Thank you very much for your help!  

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