The riding instructors…

..address all aspects of horse care, safety and responsibility as well as skills. I feel my grandson is in good hands at French Hill.

Linda Royer | Oregon City, OR

Riding Lessons


Leighanne Brocki

Leighanne is a certified trainer through USHJA and the TCP program.

Leighanne grew up in an Air Force family which required living in many parts of the world. Wherever she was – Korea, Germany or the United States – she always managed to take riding lessons.

Leighanne’s dream of becoming a riding instructor and working with horses was facilitated by her college choice of Meredith Manor. She enrolled in their intense 3 year work/study program and graduated with Teaching Certifications in Dressage, Reining, Hunters and Jumpers. While there she was able to participate in many shows and to attend clinics with world renowned horsemen John Lyons and Karen and David O’ Connor. Leighanne joined French Hill Farm in September, 2005. Of French Hill Farm Leighanne says, “This is a high class facility with excellent school horses and arenas with the best footing imaginable. It makes our job easier and the experience for all our students thoroughly enjoyable.”

Ashlie Soderstrom

Ashlie is a certified trainer through USHJA and the TCP program.

Ashlie has worked for us as an Assistant since 2000 when she was 14. At that time she was starting high school at Lake Oswego. After graduating from there she went on to college at Texas A & M where she rode on their NCAA riding team. She’s had her own horse and has done a lot of horse showing as well as riding on her high school equestrian team.

We’re thrilled to have Ashlie working for us again. She’s very energetic and hard working and knows our horses and routine from being with us before. All through college she worked for us during Xmas break when our Instructors had time off. She was totally in charge and could have run the barn alone by the time she was 16. Now a college graduate she began work as an Instructor for French Hill in August 2008.

Student Assistants

Our student assistants are teens with extensive experience in both riding and horse care. Their job is to assist students in getting horses groomed, tacked up and untacked. They also help students mount their horses and clean their tack after lessons. Without our lovely student assistants we would not be able to have such a wonderful program, big thank you to all of them!

FHF Riding Academy Horses (Click On A Horse For Larger Image)

Our school horses are the best cared for school horses anywhere.  They are treated exactly the same as the show horses in the barn – receiving the same veterinary care, dental care and farrier care.  They get regular turnout year around, whatever they need as far as feed, supplements and maintenance are concerned, and they are schooled weekly by one of the instructors.

In the following horse info you’ll see the word “hands”.  Hands refer to their height.  One hand is 4 inches, and horses are measured with a special measuring stick in “hands”. Please note our horses have individual weight limits, but we have a strict weight limit of 160 lbs maximum, no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

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